Moulded Bronze Filled PTFE Tube  PTFE Filling Pipe

Moulded Bronze Filled PTFE Tube PTFE Filling Pipe

Product number:Moulded Bronze Filled PTFE Tube PTFE Filling Pipe

Quick Overview: Place of Origin: China Certification: ISO 9001,ROHS

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PTFE tubes available,
(a) O.D. 1mm-25mm and wall thickness 0.1mm-2.5mm
are extruded from imported dispersion PTFE resin

(b) O.D. 25mm-200mm and wall thickness 1.5mm-8mm plunger-extruded from suspension PTFE

(c) O.D. 25mm-1200mm and wall thickness 5mm-500mm die-pressed / moulded. Min Length:100mm, Max. Length: 300mm

(d) The specification can be customized according to client's requirements

PTFE filling pipe is Made of high-speed mixing polytetrafluoroethylene resin and certain volume of filling agent such as carbon fiber ,graphit,molybdenum disulfide,glass fiber and bronze powder etc,shaped by moulding,then through high heat sintering.It is suitable to be used in the range of -180oC~+250oC as sealing parts or guiding parts for heatconductivity,anticorrosive,abrasive-resistance and no oil lubrication.