Excellent Machining High Working Temperatures Low Friction Skive Teflon Ptef Film

Excellent Machining High Working Temperatures Low Friction Skive Teflon Ptef Film

Product number:Excellent Machining High Working Temperatures Low Friction Skive Teflon Ptef Film

Quick Overview: Place of Origin: China Certification: ISO 9001,ROHS

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PTFE Film /Cut belt is made of die-pressed PTFE blanks and has excellent dielectric
performance and weathering. It is a non-orientated film and may be pressed to
become orientated or semi-orientated film, i.e. suede pads, seals and lubricating
materials in various media. They can also become insulating pieces under various frequencies, a capacitor medium, conductor insulator and insulation for electricity meters.


1) Orientated: thickness: 0.030mm -0.100mm; width: 30mm -100mm

2) Non-orientated: thickness: 0.050mm -0.500mm; width: 30mm -120mm


1.Minimal Water Absorption

2.Excellent Machining

3.Acid and chemical resistant

4.Good Electrical insulation

5.High working temperatures

6.Low friction


Teflon film is often used in wear strips and slideways within all types of engineering to take advantage of a stunning  co-efficient of friction to guide high performance components a highly wear resistant and super sliding advantage to help reduce costs and improve component life.

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